Overall, your readership rates are pretty healthy. Anything over 25% is already beating the real estate industry average.
There are many different factors that will determine whether your email is opened, such as what time your email is sent, the frequency, your relationship with the recipient (list quality), the relevance of your message to them, and of course, the subject line.
Some big no no’s that will trigger your email going to spam, are words like ‘Free’, use of the $ sign, CAPITALS and !!! marks.
On the flip side, according to research done by Mailchimp, location based words will improve open and click through rates (e.g. Just Listed in Titirangi), as will not using the same subject line all the time, and keeping it relevant to what is inside the newsletter. In other words ‘tell’ don’t ‘sell’.
I’ve been experimenting with a subject line analysis tool called Touchstone recently, which compares key words in your subject line against millions of similar subject lines and offers suggestions to improve open and click through rates.
I’ll be able to use this tool to test your existing subject lines and make improvements where needed.
Hopefully you’ve been monitoring your campaign performance using the Reports link above. If you would like to review your subject line please feel free to use the Touchstone subject line checker yourself, or contact me to discuss.