When people are searching for a home, it’s imagery that first attracts potential buyers to a property.

Indeed, a picture tells a thousand words, but words are just as important when it comes to attracting the attention of buyers.

In fact, an Australasian survey of real estate agents revealed that 65 per cent believe professional real estate copywriting is an important element in a property’s marketing mix.

Real estate copywriters are experts at the words, phrases and features that sell a home. And their forte lies in writing advertising copy that lets potential buyers envisage their life after buying that property – whether it’s a first home dream, a move into a desired area or the start to an investment portfolio with good returns.

Property copywriters are adept at creating story-driven property descriptions that speak to buyers. They are both property and marketing professionals and know exactly how to attract the right buyers, at the right place, and the right time. It’s all about appealing directly to the target market.

Experts at tailoring words to their audience, whether it’s a migrant market with basic English skills, to a marketing and brand-savvy urban audience, language is a subtle persuasion method.

Potential vendors often vet agents based on their current listings and marketing calibre. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be a big turn off, and in some cases lose you the listing.
And perhaps the biggest gift a copywriter can give busy agents is the gift of time. Don’t spend hours rewriting advertising when you can outsource to a cost-effective professional.

Investing in professional photography is just one half of the equation. Don’t let poor copywriting cast an ugly shadow over your client’s property.